Sunday, June 12, 2011

Out and about in Nature with the whole family.

Our week-ends have been busy lately.  Or it's been raining so we haven't had much time to get out on family walks.  But two week-ends ago we took the gap between rain showers and discovered a new nature treasure just around the corner from us-Sand dunes.  I knew they were there but I didn't know how to get to them.  And then we happened upon them quite by chance.  Along the dirt road behind the Silverglades Sport's Fields there's a trail that leads to this......

Jenna loved climbing to the very top and rolling down again!

It's like we're walking on the moon mom!  Except of course for the wind which can have this effect on nature:

(Ooops, I should have rotated that one!)

One bonus of having Ray with us is that he captures the photos I just can't seem to take!  Must be that artistic eye. 

This was named The Fort,

which was great fun for all

 yes, even I ran down it!

It was windy in some spots and sheltered in others, cold too. A light rain started to fall as we made our way home but despite all the "bad" weather we all had a blast!