Thursday, November 5, 2009

If you were wondering.....

I thought I would post some pictures showing you what we've been up to lately, just in case you've been wondering.....

Summer is finally here so that means we are outdoors more often. We live in a beautiful part of the world - if I may say so myself :-) If you look on a map of Africa we're almost on the Southern tip-the pointy part that sticks out! Cape Point Nature Reserve is the closest well known tourist destination. People like to call this The Deep South-we just call it the laid-back-side of Cape Town, because the life style pace is really slow!
Our home is situated in a valley, on a peninsula, between two beaches-confused???? I wish I could paint a clearer picture, but it's almost impossible. So, we are surrounded by mountains and beaches and when Summer arrives, we spend a lot of time on both of these beautiful creations.

We've been to a variety of beaches lately with different friends and for different reasons.

Windmill Beach (just outside of Simon's Town) with a group of home schoolers. The kids had a wonderful time building sand castles.

Noordhoek Beach for a sunset picnic. That was just the family-the kids loved it. It was the first time this Summer so it felt like a new adventure for them.

Our last beach trip was with my children's closest friends.
We visited Glencairn tidal pool. The kids had a blast exploring the rock pools.

Here the children are pointing out a group of Red starfish.

We had a lot of first time sightings. This was the most beautiful, a hairy brittlestar. I know the picture is small-I hope you can see it! I'm still learning how to use the camera ;-)

And this rather ugly creature is called a bloodworm. It's used for bait. The children followed a fisherman around the pool as he used a pump to suck it out from below the sand.

And when we can't be outdoors........

there's always time for dressing up and dancing!

Now you know what we've been up to..... well a little bit of what we've been up to. I could go on all night but I must get some rest-Jenna wants to bake tomorrow! And that takes lots of patience when you have an almost three year old who loves to eat all the batter before his sister can even make one biscuit!