Thursday, June 24, 2010

And finally it is finished!!!

As I type this I'm being overcome with fumes from the bathroom! Ray is busy adding the finishing touches to the shelves and the paint smells are wafting over here.
After a month long break I was very eager to share some photos of the finished product with you but alas, our camera has decided to go on strike! So you'll have to wait for The Final Unveiling.....

Or maybe I can give you a little peek....

This is our shower in the en-suite to our bedroom.
And that's all for now, as unfortunately the rest of the pictures are stuck on our camera!!!!! :-(

Having builders in our home everyday for one month, meant we needed to readjust our schedules quite a bit. There was noise and dust and at times it seemed like too many bodies in our home to contend with.
So in the beginning, to get away from all the banging and jackhammering we kept ourselves busy away from home.

Thankfully one day we had a baking co-op where the children had some fun making masks and then acted out a story to go with the masks.

Afterwards they made some very yummy dairy, gluten and sugar free coconut cupcakes!

We took advantage of a warm weather day and headed down to the beach to do some shell hunting. I know this picture looks gloomy, but it was perfect weather for the beach and the water was warm as we were on the warm side of our coastline.

After filling their buckets with all sorts of treasures the kiddies had great fun exploring the rocks and pretending they had a castle of their own.

And of course there were those days when the noise stopped and we could stay at home peacefully! On these days Jen and Mikey spent most of their time chatting to the builders asking them all sorts of questions. I just love how they have the freedom to watch and learn when we have workmen around the house. Not only do they learn about how other people make a living but they make relationships with people whom they wouldn't ordinarily meet. By the time the team of builders left the children knew each one of them by name and what their work entailed. They learnt about new tools and got to see how they worked-lots of fun for Michael who enjoyed sharing his tool set with them too. They were very eager to greet the builders every morning and quickly became little helpers giving a hand when they could to carry the equipment in.

My very sociable children, love to spend time with friends. I had arranged a baking-play date with our friends Ethan and Jadon before the builders came only to realise that it would be impossible to bake with all the dust and noise! Kath, their mommy, kindly offered her oven to us and we spent the morning baking yummy astro biscuits.

Jenna discovered the pavement chalk again one day and decided to draw her own hopscotch grid. After playing with her I noticed that she was reversing some numbers so I took the opportunity to do some number tracing-don't you just love incidental teaching!?

And of course there were the final lessons of the term to attend for Playball and ballet. I just love this pic of Michael-he's in his element pretending to be the hippo catching the baby ducklings.

And this one is of Jen before her ballet lesson-my sweet little Cat Whisperer! This is our oldest and most moody of our cats. Jenna has such a special way with our cats she's even got this skittish, very tempremental cat at her beck and call. Unfortunately I seem to have lost the pictures from her ballet lesson. All the little ballerinas were so precious and dainty. I haven't been able to watch since the beginning of the year and was quite impressed with how much they have learnt in 6 months.

Once the tiling started-they had to wait for the bathroom walls to dry out from the bad damp-we could stay at home and do some quiet activities. With all the shells we collected we made little mobiles to hang in our tree which is bare now because of Winter.

I know that I wasn't doing any of the hard work around here but all the activity was rather exhausting for me so one Friday, when I really needed to get some rest, Ray took the kiddies to the beach. Now this IS the cold side of the coastline..... can you tell?!

All the hard work is completed and we are enjoying our new bathrooms. Just one last piece of work needs to be done, by me this time-curtains! I think it's about time I find those sewing classes!