Monday, December 7, 2009

We're all going on a summer holiday.....

It's Sunday, but it feels like Monday! That's because my husband started his annual leave last Thursday and he's been home for 3 days now. Funny how changes in routines can effect you subconsciously.

December is supposed to be holiday time in our home, but at the moment we've been dealing with tummy bugs and trying to get ready for our first long family holiday! It's been five years since my husband and I went on a holiday which was more than a week-end get-away! And this will be the first long holiday with our kids! Up until now we've only been on week-end away camping or holiday-home "adventures", as Jenna likes to call them. And those have been few and far between themselves!

But this year we are so blessed to be getting away with our dear friends to spend time with them and their children in KwaZulu Natal on their parent's farm and at their beach house.

So it's been a bit of a run around week. We are taking a slow drive up from Cape Town to Albert Falls, where the farm is. Stopping along the way in Beaufort West and Bloemfontein. I love driving to my holiday destinations and am feeling very spoilt as my husband has decided to splash out on places to stay (instead of camping!) to break up our journey into more manageable distances. As it's the first time we're traveling FAR with the kids I've been trying to plan easy snacks for eating in the car and ways of entertaining them as we are traveling. So that has meant besides Christmas shopping, I've also been food and "activity" shopping and getting the house ready for going away. I can't wait to be on the road to put all this business behind us! Holidays are meant for resting and that's all we want to do right now!

So think of us we leave on Thursday 17 Dec. We're trusting for safe travels and  peaceful traveling, but would appreciate your prayers too!

Till we return, may you all have a blessed Christmas filled with laughter and family!
I know that's what we're going to do!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Creativity unleashed.....

Holding hands

Jenna expressed herself creatively while we baked.
We still haven't found the perfect recipe-but hey, at least we're baking!
p.s. you're welcome to share your favourite child-friendly recipe with us-please keep in mind I am not a baker AND we have a faulty oven ;-)

Overcoming Fears

Dad showed us he could overcome his fears when we found the second rain spider, in one week, hanging from the rafters. Jenna fearlessly helped encourage from the sidelines with imaginative ideas to trap the spider. Mom hid in the room (2 in one week was a bit too much for me!) and Michael slept on peacefully totally unaware of the drama happening around him.

The ambulance

Inspired by a library book Jenna decided to create an ambulance for Michael to play in...

it soon turned into The Present Box.

Map work

During rest time today Jenna decided to design a map....

complete with a church and it's steeple.

Of course Michael was delighted to wake up to find somewhere to play with his cars, especially after Jenna added a police station at his request.

Getting ready for Christmas.

We've spent the past two days blowing food colouring around to make our  Christmas wrapping paper. It was a great way to learn about colours, unfortunately our purple came out looking a little black though.
We printed stars with poster paints for our cards and sprinkled glitter over them before they dried. 

Out for walks.

I felt that we weren't getting enough exercise lately so we're trying to go for more walks around the neighbourhood, at least! This does mean that even on windy days I have to conjure up enthusiasm to go for a walk. Today I suggested that we put something on our heads to protect our ears from the wind.......

well, I look forward to future walks if this is the creativity it inspires!
{Jenna couldn't find her woolen hat so she grabbed a dishcloth and a "bulldog" clasp to design her own wind protector) What a funny, creative girl she is!