Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The moments I love the most.

Although we're following more of a school routine this year, well most days, these are the moments I love the most:

When she designs her own garlands, bracelets and outfits.  I love her creativity.  To others her dress sense may seem different but I love that she has the freedom to "design" her own outfits and has a definite reason for each design..... who knows, perhaps someday she will become a designer who cooks food in space.  Well, at least that's what she said she wanted to be when she turned six.

Or when she sees something her friends have made at their home and she comes home and tries to work out how to make her own one....

and then teaches her little brother to make one too.  Isn't that what all designer's do?  "Steal" with their eyes and then go and teach their apprentices?

When he recreates what he has heard read at Bible time on his own initiative:  Jesus on the cross (the sword) with the soldiers standing around him.  

Or when she insists that she must have her "time to be alone with God" to read her Bible and he joins her with his own little Bible to tell his own stories.

When I decide to skip school plans and ask if they'd like to join me in making lunch and supper for the day. And when they enthusiastically join in-no negotiations needed-and then real life lessons are learnt.

When he sits quietly entertaining himself for at least ten minutes....

leaving her to create on her own for a while-sometimes big sisters need a break from being the teacher too.