Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finding time to get outdoors in winter.

It's winter now.  Getting out for time in nature is a bit more sporadic so when it's a sunny day we take advantage of it and head out doors.  Last Friday was a beautiful sunny day, just perfect for duck spotting....

Welcome to Glencairn Conservation Area.

As part of our Nature Club this year we've decided to focus on four different areas: sea, forest/trees, fynbos (indigenous plants) and wetlands/rivers.  The moms take it in turns to lead the nature walk, rotating the venue each week.  At times it means organising a back up plan at our homes which focuses on anything to do with nature using experiments, crafts, researching skills etc.  My focus area is the Glencairn Wetlands/Rivers.  Nature Club hasn't been there for a while, last Wednesday we were rained out, so I decided it would be a good place for the kids and I to visit on our own.  I'm so glad we did, because look what we found:

Four little fluffy Egyptian Goslings swimming behind their mommy.

I think this is an African Black Duck.

A Common Moorhen.  
I expected this little one to have webbed feet as it was such a fast swimmer, but it doesn't!  It's legs are almost luminous green in colour! 

This looks like an African Darter.  We often see them sunning themselves in the middle of the vlei.

My little animal whisperer having a conversation with the African Black Duck.

We love these stepping stones.  They were placed here by local residents who work together to maintain the vlei area.  During winter the water floods over the vlei and widens the Else River which flows into the sea at Glencairn Beach.  It's very exciting to cross over when the water is flowing!
On this day it became a lesson about putting others's wonderful to be in front and be the leader, but so difficult to be last!  

Quiet time to contemplate.....

Jenna was so desperate to feed the birds, she bit up her apple and threw pieces into the water....what a squabble ensued!

We can't wait to go back with our Nature Club friends, we'll have to remember to pack in some old bread though !