Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And then there was a quick "Spring" clean.....

After the bathrooms were complete I took the opportunity to do a clean out of the house. I usually do this at this time of year, so it coincided perfectly with the need to clean up all the dust from the renovations. This usually means cleaning out and rearranging all the cupboards around our home. It gives me a chance to throw out what isn't being used and to rearrange items to allow for better access or user friendliness.

During breaks from cleaning these are a few activities which kept us busy:

Making shapes with spaghetti. I got this idea from my friend Kath. She has a lovely little blog journalling her adventures with her boys.

We played number games with our fruit-discovering and comparing how many segments our naartjies had. And of course my creative designer girl thought it would be fun to create shapes with these too! Fruit can become such a great maths apparatus. Jenna has learnt about halves, quarters, sharing, doubling and just general adding and subtracting using fruit.

This was one of the photos I wanted to post last time but it got "stuck" in the camera. Jenna joyfully dancing at her final ballet lesson of the term. So sweet!

And of course we had a co-op with our story telling mom, Carol. She has such a wonderful way of involving all of the children in her stories. Here they are pulling out the "porridge" from a pot for the story that day. Even Michael, who would prefer to ride bikes outside can't resist getting involved when she tells a story ;-)

And here they are having some tactile fun catching feathers which she gently released from the platform above their lounge.

There is always fun to be had when dad gets home and he inspires some creative lego building. I'm still not sure who gets more fun out of it though, Ray or the kids?! 

Back to the in between moments........ Here Jen and Mikey spend some special time with Ray's folks. This was a really special moment for me. Michael takes a while to freely interact with his grandparents when we visit . It's been far easier for them to interact with Jenna's gentle, chatty personality. Adapting to Michael's busy, boisterous ways has taken a little longer. I was so surprised to see him hop up on granny's lap for a story without first having to be convinced. The Lord is really working in my little boys heart.