Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And in between it all, The World Cup!

I know it's all over now, but I thought I'd share our Soccer World Cup experience with you.

First of all we needed to look like supporters. So we painted South African flags on fabric and I did an easy sewing job stitching them onto yellow shirts-yes I can sew in straight lines! I think my children's Soccer shirts were THE best. OK, I know I'm biased, but hey I'm allowed to be aren't I?
Then Ray decided we had to look authentic too-so he splashed out on shirts for us.

To celebrate the opening of the World Cup we all gathered at our friend's home to watch the opening game. The kiddies had an amazing time watching their parents get all enthusiastic, loud and passionate about supporting their country. They all quickly mastered the Vuvuzela (or Bubuzela as Michael calls it) and had soon created their very own Fan Walk.

Now, I'm not much of a soccer fan so going to a game was never a dream of mine. But it was for Ray. When tickets first came out he couldn't think of spending money on one so he placed the thought of attending a game at the back of his mind. That is until the Cup actually started and the reality of it being on his front doorstep set in. As he watched each game his desire to go grew more and more until he was surfing the net, asking at work and hoping for any chance of getting his hands on one! (He even rode through to town one day on his scooter because he had heard he could get one somewhere!)

And then one day I received an e-mail in my in box: I'm going to the game tomorrow! Will tell all about it tonight. I was so happy for him! And so in awe again of how the Lord knows our desires and would even provide him with a FREE ticket to a game! How awesome is that!

Well he went and here are the photos to prove it:


The Stadium at night.

The Game.

Yip, and this is where he was seated! Can you see the roof top? Phew, that was pretty high up, but it never ruined the experience. He was on a Soccer High for days afterwards. So much so that he wanted me to go to a game too. But that wasn't to be :-(

p.s. if you're wondering how he got a free ticket: a friend blessed him with one after his wife couldn't go with him.