Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week-ends are for family.....and friends.

I think we can definitely say our final good-byes to winter.....spring seems to have decided to stick around for at least four of the seven days in a week.

Saying good-bye to winter means we say good-bye to hockey for Ray and hello to cycling and training for the Argus Cycle race.
This year Ray decided to return to the hockey field after a little break.
Most week-ends the kids and I tried to tag along to watch.......or rather they would ride, make new friends or just explore the grounds while I sat huddled in the car trying to read or watch the game!
We all enjoyed these days.  And although I will confess that I'm no more clued up on hockey rules than I was since he last played, our children's interest in ball sports has definitely grown.
Proving that it is often when we as parents share our love and interests with our children that their interests are ignited.

As crazy as it may sound we went swimming in winter, and that's only because
we were blessed with a week-end away with Ray's folks at Montague Springs.
I, who will admit to not being a water baby, was even tempted to enter into the warm baths.
Of course the kids and Ray spent most of their time in the warm water despite the icy cold air which wrapped around you when you eventually ventured out again.
I was amazed at how much the kid's swimming has progressed since last summer-I think this may just be the summer we will get to throw away all swimming aids.
Jenna even surprised us by going down the super tube, once ;-) Perhaps next time she'll convince Mikey!
Now I'm really looking forward to summer days filled with swimming.
That's the kids, not me by the way......yes, I really am that bad at getting into the pool!

At the start of spring we celebrated my neice's second birthday at the Barnyard.
And that is when Jenna got to ride on a pony for the second time in her life.
She was so excited to ride on the pony. Not once, not twice but three times-thanks Aunty Susan for organising extra tickets-you made her day!

While she waited in between rides Mikey and her had such fun in the carousel. They've wanted to have a carousel ride forever so lots of little wishes were answered that day.
Jenna's excitement about riding soon rubbed off on Mikey and after initially declining a ride he proudly mounted the little pony.....

To those who don't know him this may look like an unhappy scowl but actually it's his: I'm really proud-but-don't-want-to-show-it smirk........we just missed catching the toothy grin which followed.  He couldn't hide his pride for long :-)

Winter has finally come to an end and, I may be a little too soon here, but I think I have smelt summer blooming already.

a surfer girl in the making
(thanks for the wet suit Rach!)

 sandcastles are so much fun when built with your friends

Could that be because our week-ends are once again filled with braais and beaches with friends and family?