Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The things they get up to.......

She's been creating all sorts of homes for her hamster.....

and enjoyed designing her own space rocket with these sticky shapes.
I guess that's what happens when you've been reading every book on space which you can get your hands onto.

But I'm not too sure where this idea came from?  
A reindeer pulling her sleigh, bells and all!  
Oh, wait a minute!  Could it be from watching her ballet christmas concert on dvd for the 100th time?

I know that his gymnastics lessons inspired this gymnastic display.....but the leotard is not part of his uniform.  A big sister's influence I'd think!  And yes, he does do that willingly-he just loves playing with his sister, even if it means wearing her leotard.

A bicycle and a boy.......they are never far apart!  
If he's not riding up and down our road, he's on a dirt track riding through puddles,

and being every bit of the boy he is (without the leotard!)-no matter that the weather was freezing cold it was such fun getting mud trails up his back!

I love their individuality, creativity, spontaneity........
as challenging as they may be at times,
may it go on forever!