Friday, July 1, 2011

A free snake show!

Last year's snake birthday party has stirred up a love of reptiles in our home.  So when our Nature Club heard of a free snake show at our nearby snake park (Imhoff) we jumped at the opportunity to get another hands-on experience!  This time there were more little creatures to be introduced to like this little tortoise....

Two intrigued, but cautious little ladies, meet a baby chameleon.

Apparently when they are little they are brown in colour and may get confused with how to adapt to their surroundings, so they usually spend their early days on the branches or trunks of trees.  So imagine how confused he was with all that pink!?!  No wonder he looks like he's heading towards the fur.

A special treat!  Face painting was offered at a reduced price by the resident face paint artist.  The lady who did this artistic work is available for parties.  She said that usually the party face painting is more elaborate-well, these faces were so happy with their end product-if this isn't elaborate imagine what the party product looks like? 

The snake boys.  
Loving every moment of their experience, even if they do look a little pensive!

These are corn snakes. They are not indigenous to South Africa, but are often kept as pets here as they are such docile creatures.  We were told that they are used in the corn fields in America to capture the rodents which come to eat the maize.

The snake handler also told us that they are not venomous snakes.  They are constrictors-which means they would wrap themselves around their prey before squashing it to death..... like this?!?  

Hmmmm, I think we may just have to rethink the "snake-for-a-pet request!"  That's a valid excuse for me to use isn't it?  I'm going to have to have a good one as this little man has declared he would like a boa constrictor for his pet one day!  Aaah, boys.....they definitely spice up our lives don't they moms?!?

After all that scaly reptilian fun one of the restaurants supplied the children with cupcakes to decorate with towers of sweet treats!
Unfortunately Blogger doesn't want to load some our delicious, creative samples but I assure you we have creativity in our midst.  One of our fellow home schoolers won first prize for his creation.  Like I said on the day: Some things just run in the blood ;-)

One very chuffed snake boy! (For the record: This is his "I'm pleased as punch"face!)

After the rain had cleared we headed down to the farm animals.  A favourite outing for my kids.  (If any of their grandparents are looking after them for the day, this is always their first suggestion for their destination.)

And this is who we found....

an adorable little piglet!
This little one is only two weeks old but boy was he claiming his territory already!  He had us in fits of giggles with his antics.  The peacocks and chickens didn't stand a chance with him.  He kept on running at them as if to say: Hey outta my way buster, this is my home!

Another wonderful morning shared with our friends in one of our favourite locations.