Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the blink of an eye!

In the blink of an eye she has turned 6

 and suddenly has an interest in using the camera to take random shots of things she loves.

 They went with dad to the harbour for a Dad's morning.

 He has an interest in building with blocks of all types....

 and then he turned four and dad built him a lego helicopter from his favourite blocks.

She took more random photos of "things" she loves.

 We were visited by ransacking baboons and we've quickly learned how to defend ourselves: the spray of a hose pipe works wonders!

 We experimented in all sorts of areas of life.... including science.

 She took more random photos of that which she loves....including him.

 We added a new member to the family-Jenna's new love, Cutie.

 She discovered a different beat to dance to as she boogied to the soundtrack from the Jungle Book.

 We delighted in finding tiny frogs on a Sunday morning family hike,

 and hunted for easter eggs in our garden with our home church children.

 They enjoyed one of many parties in The Birthday Season in Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood. 
(are all children born so close to one another?)

We hunted for chestnuts with our Nature Club friends....

 and then built a fire at Wynberg Park and made own sausage in a roll....

 while watching the chestnuts roast! Yum!

 And then just in case building a fire put any ideas into the heads.... we visited the fire station for some safety tips!

In the blink of an eye we have journeyed through five months....there's so much more to share but my time is rather limited nowadays.  After all there's been ballet and music (Jenna), birdie ball which was swopped for gymnastics (Mikey), sewing classes and netball (those are for mom), Nature Club and lessons shared with friends.... and that's in between the daily living and learning at home.