Friday, November 4, 2011

While we wait.......

We're shifting gears and finding new truths about ourselves.

Discovering who we are without labels and expectations.

Enjoying just being.

Learning about waiting and believing.  

Our Father's timing is perfect, after all.

And while we wait and rest in His Light......

I am discovering the beauty of my creator.

For He never meant for me to be like you,
He asked that I seek Him and His ways. 

His Word came to set me free.

Somehow it feels like I've been set free from something......and yet everything has a purpose in my life.

You see, I'm still learning that when I look into His Light,
When I cease to compare,
when I stop looking for answers from others,

 and when I keep looking to Him for the paths on which to journey, 

they may seem to change often,

or sometimes just slightly, 
but it's always exciting journeying with Him. 

 And as long as I keep holding His hand and looking into His face,
 He will still be there guiding me, never leaving, never forsaking.

And in His freedom I can be truly free to be the me He created me to be.