Saturday, May 8, 2010

We play and learn a little more every day.

It's May already and Winter is definitely here! As the rain sets in we'll spend more time indoors living and learning through play. Although I tried to set up a flexible routine to follow during our week it seems we never really stick to it (even if it's flexible!) Something always comes up to change it. So I end up writing out a weekly planner on my: "What's on this Week?" board and we take each week at a time adding in or taking away activities as the week progresses.

Everyone in the family now has an outlet for exercise-Ray is finally making it back to gym. Michael is still enjoying Playball. Jenna's ballet teacher eventually made it back from the U.K, so ballet started again this week. And there was an opening for Jen at a gymnastics class once a week so she has just started gymnastics. So cute to see her tackling the new apparatus! She loved the first lesson. "Mommy, I never want to stop gymnastics! I love it!"
And mom? Mom, has actually managed to loose a few centimeters from doing Pilates! Only problem...... WINTER FOOD!!!!

Our creative juices have been flowing too! I've continued with pottery. We've been working on one project mainly and I will soon be finished my first jug. I've discovered that I'm more of a practical girl though. Although I'm making things which are useful and pottery is relaxing, my practical side is crying out for more product and less time making one item! So I'm thinking of finding a sewing class. I've always wanted help with this skill and I'd really like to make things for our home.
The best news is: Ray has started painting again! After a five year drought he picked up his brushes and is experimenting with new ideas. This was all brought on by a need for something inspiring for his website he has been working very hard on for the last year. It's a site aimed at beginner artists wanting to use oil paints. Check it out if you're interested: Simply Oil Painting.( no longer exists)

And the children? Well they've been busy creating too!

Lots of Lego building with Dad's old Space Lego.

Turning cats into princes.....

because every Princess needs a faithful companion-and believe me THIS one is a very loyal one! He humbly accepts all orders from his princess.

Turning Dad into a cowboy at story time.

Lots of playdough fun.....

I just love these roses-especially the smiling one!

And when the creative work is done we also need to get rid of our energy between the rain fall. So a high swing-but not too high mom-is often asked for!

Rainy days mean time for puzzles. Michael is just starting to feel confident to tackle more challenging puzzles with my help. But when he wants to do it on his own these old favourites are hauled out.

Jenna is enjoying playing with Brainy Blocks-I found this box for R5,00 at a second hand shop! What a bargain! She's enjoying the challenge of discovering how to fill the spaces with the shapes so that she makes a picture on the card. Another new game I've introduced to her is a tangram. They're both great geometry foundation builders. The best way to learn: through a game!

And of course there's always time for reading books! Especially when you had planned to get outside for a walk and all of a sudden it starts raining again! We still get out in the fresh air as much as possible, even if it's only for a ride in the road.

We just bundle up and head on out-nothing like a fresh wind to revive a weary spirit! I hope you're not letting Winter stop you from living and learning together!