Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In pursuit of penguins.......

Three Wednesday's ago ( my how time flies!) I was introduced to a whole new walk, it's a popular place for tourists but I'd never been there before....I'm so glad we've found it now, because we'll definitely be going back!

The walk starts at either Seaforth Beach or Boulders Beach just past Simon's Town, depending on your starting point.
(It's well sign posted, but I'm sorry I can't recall the name of the walk today-it has been three weeks you know! ;-)
It is a nicely sheltered walk, so even on a windy day if you're desperately needing to get the kids out to burn up some energy, I think it is worth the drive!

Our mommy-guide for the day was focusing on penguins-the main reason the tourists flock here!

Very soon after starting on the pathway we spotted our first penguins!
It is breeding season at the moment. Boulders Beach is home to a large penguin colony so there has been  much care taken to protect these penguins and their chicks.  Below you can see the numbered containers which they have placed there for the penguins to use for nesting.

But some of them still prefer to find their own little hidey-holes.

Laying on the eggs.

When we left the Seaforth parking lot it was windy and cold-but we were well protected between the shelter of the trees. The whole path is made of wooden slats, easy for moms with prams and busy bodies needing to run around to use up their boundless energy supply!

Some chicks had obviously hatched a while back as they are so big already, but still covered in downy feathers.

Between the gaps in the trees you get a glimpse every now and then of Boulders Beach.  A beautiful, practically semi-private beach.  I say this, because it is quite pricey to go as a family, as this is one of the few beaches in South Africa which you have to pay to enter.  Yet another reason why I 'must' get that Wildcard! (a card which gives you great discounts into various scenic spots in Cape Town). 

We didn't just find penguins, it's caterpillar season on our side of the world......all sorts of hairy caterpillars are being found, named and some are even finding there way onto our nature table at home  too!

Every rock just needs to be climbed!

Even by the smallest of us.....

And if you're just too small to climb you can find a penguin!

After a lovely walk, where we spotted loads of penguins, we headed back to Seaforth Beach to chat about the different penguin types we have in our beautiful world and....

To create a penguin of our own.  (They're all busy painting milk bottle penguins here, but I was so busy helping I didn't manage to get a photo of the end product!)

And after all of that learning there must also be time for a little fun in the sun, sea and sand!

Yes, it is supposed to be Winter here, but while the sun shines we make the most of heading out into nature to learn with our friends.

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