Thursday, April 22, 2010

Keeping ourselves busy.

I've been trying to do more art type activities with my children lately. I was feeling a little like I wasn't giving them enough input or experiences in art. To keep it more at both of their levels we've just been learning about how to make new colours, printing with different types of objects or paints and discovering textures. Jenna loves to paint and draw and after Michael's attention span has reached it's limit she'll often carry on painting and create her own paintings. This means it also gives her the chance to explore the idea I introduce but gives her a chance to make her own discoveries! Something I think is really important when it comes to art work.

Of course there's always more fun to be had when it's clean up time and the containers need a wash! As they haven't had much water play lately I just left them to play after painting. I also bought them some funnels which have added to their water fun. Such simple things keep them busy....

like cleaning tables...

playing with felt shapes,

and playdough (Michael's favourite),

and building beds for teddies-not sure how comfortable that was!

Last year for Father's Day we printed Ray some sleep shirts. Michael had asked if we could make one for him after seeing his dad wearing his again. So we borrowed these lovely sponges from a friend and printed on these shirts.... now just to get him to wear it! Jenna wore hers the other day, but Michael is not quite convinced yet!

The seasons have been changing again so there's been lots of discussion about the leaves changing colour as Autumn has arrived. It's Michael's first year of beginning to show understanding about the season changes. I'm trying to chat about how the temperatures are getting cooler in the mornings too and how we have to choose warmer clothes to wear. He's still convinced sunshine means short sleeves! But, I remember Jenna learning about choosing appropriate seasonal clothing too, so I know he'll eventually understand! At least he's understanding rain means a tracksuit!

Rain also means RAIN SPIDERS around here! We found a nest just outside the window that is next to our dining room table-the same one where they entered last year! Well needless to say, Ray got rid of it on the week-end! (Much to Jenna's disappointment)

Rain also means tent time in our home. Here they built a pirate ship to snuggle in while they ate the last of their easter egg stash and watched a DVD.